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Hello, internet! Welcome to my little corner of well…you! As my quick bio said, I’m a consultant/sysadmin (by profession and hobby), cook (entirely by hobby!) and beer/coffee geek (less hobby, more way of life). I’ve owned for way too many years now, and I figured it was finally time to actually put a site behind the domain .

My original intent was to blog about tech stuff (projects that might be of interest to others, little anecdotes, etc) but I’m reserving the right to talk about other things, as well. I’ve made a lot of abortive attempts at blogging before, so we’ll see how this goes in the long run.

These days I’m an engineer/consultant for a small MSP/VAR in southern Maine. I wear quite a few hats but these days I’m doing a good bit of VoIP design/implementation, network design/management and some sever projects (with a little dash of Azure here and there). I spend a lot of time with Palo Alto, Juniper, VMware, Zultys and Microsoft stacks but deal with all kinds of gear on a pretty regular basis.

Before that, I spent several years in both in-house and consulting roles, including a healthcare data analytics startup, a recycling/bottle redemption company and a bespoke software shop.

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