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Well, not that long. Eighteen months with no new posts is still way less than my last update gap. Still wearing my consultant hat, still a coffee and beer lover, Windows 7/2008 has finally gone EOL, Palo Alto is buying everything in sight, Intel continues to get security egg on their face and the industry is as interesting as ever.

I don’t know that I will ever keep updating on a regular basis but perhaps I will. I certainly have plenty to say these days. I just got done moving the site from a relatively ancient CentOS 6/Apache/MySQL backend to a modern-ish Debian 10/nginx/MariaDB VPS (still at Linode and still using Cloudflare) which is probably worthy of a post on it’s own. My core Linux/UNIX background came from my high school days running FreeBSD 4.8 (and Apache 1.3!) on an old Pentium P5-200 in my bedroom. I’ve obviously kept those skills up to date but I’m still used to thinking in those terms (and I still support a lot of CentOS 6.x) so dealing with systemd and nginx config files requires a bit of extra thinking.

Anyway, perhaps more to come soon.

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