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Hello, internet! Welcome to my little corner of well…you! As my quick bio said, I’m a sysadmin (by profession and hobby), cook (entirely by hobby!) and beer/coffee geek (less hobby, more way of life). I’ve owned for six years now, and I figured it was finally time to actually put a site behind the domain .

My original intent was to blog about tech stuff (projects that might be of interest to others, little anecdotes, etc) but I’m reserving the right to talk about other things, as well. I’ve made a lot of abortive attempts at blogging before, so we’ll see how this goes in the long run.

I’m currently working for a small (but rapidly growing) startup in the analytics business. I’m the sole sysadmin (and sole IT person, for that matter!), so I wear a lot of hats – our primary analytic platform is SAS on RHEL, but we also have a number of Windows servers for AD, terminal services, etc. I’m also responsible¬†for our corporate office (in the DC metro area) and a sizable number of remote employees.

Before that, I worked for a recycling/bottle redemption firm in my local area. They were a Windows/SQL Server shop, so I have quite a bit of background there. We also had drop off centers in 40+ supermarkets around Maine for which I was the primary field tech (on top of everything else I did).

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